Traditionally, one of the more memorable aspects of wedding receptions is the food. Whether it was fun, tasty or something entirely new for guests, food tends to leave a lasting impression.

Unusual Wedding Food Ideas -

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Wedding Food Ideas on a Budget: Use this TabStart page to find budget friendly wedding food ideas from a curated selection of the best wedding resources on the web. The expert advice from these websites includes food ideas…

Here, 45 alternative wedding ideas for the unconventional bride—from a dip-dyed gown to crepe cake to hand-drawn invites. Want to break all the rules on your wedding day? Nontraditional ideas for your big day.

Unusual Wedding Food Ideas -

If you and your significant other share a fond appreciation for all things food, why not let the culinary arts inspire your wedding day? From trendy desserts to edible decor accents, there’s no sho…

Remember that wedding where we ate elk? Chicken, beef or fish: These generic dinner options are disappearing from wedding menus as newlyweds seek ways to make sure their guests remember their special day. Increasingly, food is the hook. So you may see quail, elk or trout as choices, or shrimp-and-grits and custom-flavored liquid nitrogen ice […]

Cool and Quirky Wedding Food Trends for 2015. A cheese wedding cake makes a quirky alternative to an actual wedding cake and looks stunning adorned with grapes, figs and florals! For a more rustic foodie feel, place your ‘cheese cake’ on a giant wooden tree stump and decorate with sprigs of greenery and berries.

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8 Unconventional Wedding Reception Ideas. Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake Cake is a wedding tradition, but one that can be improved if you ask us. A professional wedding cake can cost over $1,000. The frosting may be beautiful, but no guest is going to be overwhelmed by vanilla sponge cake with cherry filling. Do something different instead.

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Now more than ever food has become a HUGE part of wedding styling, creating a memorable atmosphere and day for yourselves and your guests

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50 Offbeat Wedding Ideas for the Non-Traditional Bride. Use your wedding table numbers as a way to reflect your wedding theme — like Legos for a nostalgic wedding or Scrabble tiles for a literary wedding. Instead of coming up with a signature cocktail, serve delicious alcohol-infused cupcakes that are equally imbibing.

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Planning the wedding menu can sometimes be a bore but with trendy menu items, it can be fun. We have tips to help add fun food to your wedding menu that your guests will love.

Wedding Dessert Ideas – Ice Cream Cone on a Dessert Dish
Wedding Reception Dessert – Ice Cream Cone on a Dessert Dish Your guests will LOVE this. A clever, fun, a very visually attractive dessert for a wedding reception, its a “formal ice cream cone”, to match the formality of such a special occasion: an ice cream cone served on a dessert dish! It looks fabulous […]
Wedding Dessert Buffet
A wedding dessert buffet is a fabulous way to offer dessert to your wedding reception guests. Instead of having food service staff serve them a plated dessert after their meal, give your guests the element of choice by presenting dessert buffet-style. Offer an assortment of dessert options presented on beautiful platters. Dress up the buffet […]

DIY 23 Unconventional But Awesome Wedding Ideas. You gotta keep those unsuspecting guests on their toes. Steal these ideas before they become standard wedding fare.

10 Delicious and Unique Ideas for a Brunch Wedding

Breakaway from the classic fondant-covered wedding cakes and vow to get the dessert of your dreams. From doughnuts to a towering cake made out of cheese, these non-traditional wedding cake alternatives are so unique, they’ll have you saying, ‘I do.’

Everyday Diabetic Recipes has diabetic recipes the whole family will love! Triple-tested by the Mr. Food Test Kitchen, our collection of diabetic recipes includes everything from exciting dinner dishes to simple dessert recipes.

32 Unconventional Wedding Food Ideas For The Foodie Bride! Brie. Alexa. What others are saying Planning The Wedding Reception Dinner Your guests probably won’t remember every little detail about the wedding, but if the food is fun and tasty, that’s something they’ll never forget! Modern couples are shying away from the traditional sit

Unusual Wedding Food Ideas -

Wedding planning season has arrived. If you are still looking for something different for your wedding cards, we have a list of quirky, comical, yet romantic and out-of-the-box ideas that are worth considering.

Best Wedding Party Favor Ideas for Cooks, Bakers and Food Lovers
Maybe you or someone you know is getting married! With all the madness of planning a wedding you may have overlooked putting thought into that small but sweet wedding party gift idea, the party favor that the couple gives to their guests when they seat down for the reception!
It’s a tiny thank you for the big celebration but this little gift makes a big impact not only for the people attending your wedding but it demonstrates your first joint gift to friends and family as a married couple!
For the newly weds who love to cook, bake or eat together:
Heart shaped cookie cutters
Mug with brides name printed with attached ladle of husbands name printed
Tiny bottles of infused “All Love” Oil (Olive Oil)
Set of balsamic vinegar with grooms name attached to olive oil with brides name with a white ribbon tied around it
For the newly weds who are “down to earth” and love to garden or grow their own food:
Miniature potted plants

32 Unconventional Wedding Food Ideas For The Foodie Bride! April 3, 2017. Your guests probably won’t remember every little detail about the wedding, but if the food is fun and tasty, that’s something they’ll never forget! Modern couples are shying away from the traditional sit-down dinner and getting creative with thoughtful creations

Non-Traditional Menu Options - From Kalm Kitchen

I was listening to the Dave Ryan in the Morning show on 101.3 and they had the most interesting expert about wedding proposals. I found this ironic because I was just thinking about wedding blog ideas and it came to me, Unconventional Proposal Stories, KDWB And Marriages That Last

Buffet. They also allow guests to eat at their own pace and take less time and effort than sit-down meals. Buffets allow you to have a variety of food, as many cuisines as you wish and are an easy way of making sure there is something that everyone will enjoy. A dessert buffet can also work well for a later wedding and is a tasty way to round off the day.

Unusual Wedding Food Ideas -

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Your wedding guests won’t remember (or care, really) what the escort cards looked like or what the favors were. But when the food is fun and tasty, that’s something they’ll never forget. Make your big day memorable with some untraditional menu options like donuts, tacos, mashed potatoes and grilled cheese.