Celtic, Wiccan & Pagan Wedding Ceremonies | Civil Wedding Ceremonies

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Guide to Planning Pagan Weddings. By working together in deciding the answers to these questions, you can strengthen your process of communication and decision making, plus you will create the framework upon which your wedding ritual can take shape in a planning session with me or whomever you choose to perform your rite.

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Here’s some crazy wedding ceremony ideas that will hopefully bring a unique and ‘different’ feel to your awesome wedding.

Wicca: A nature-oriented faith that focuses on the cycle of the seasons. One of Wicca’s main tenets is the Rede, which is summarized as, “An it harm none, do as thou wilt.”. Druidry: A recreation of ancient Celtic practices, with a strong focus on poetry and storytelling.

Celtic, Wiccan & Pagan Wedding Ceremonies | Civil Wedding Ceremonies

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have met whilst on their journeys around the world, whether it be a chance meeting on holiday or travelling, or when they’ve moved across the other side of the globe for work, or purely for a change of scene in the hope to fulfill their sense of adventure.
When it comes down to these worldwide couples tying the knot, a destination wedding often ticks all of the boxes. Some choose to host their nuptials at a halfway point for both families to travel to, others select a completely new and neutral place, many decide upon a holiday spot that is close to their hearts, or opt for hosting the ceremony at one of their homes yet with an injection of both of their cultural heritages.
It’s this coming together of ideas, traditions, cultures and their sense of adventure that makes such weddings wonderfully unique and personal, a joy to see and attend, and ensures that the bride and groom have their day their way.
Anne Maly is of Cambodian origin and her and Elias wante

How to Perform a Wiccan Wedding. A Wiccan Wedding can be held at any time of the year although certain feast days, like Litha (the Summer Solstice) or Beltane (Mayday), are considered most popular as the weather is good. Weather is an important factor for a Handfasting as most ceremonies are held outside.

What to Expect at a Pagan Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony Ideas – Suggestions for rituals and traditions to include in your wedding ceremony, as well as ideas and practical advice for your wedding.

Outdoor Pagan Wedding ideas. Brittany, on December 27, 2012 at 1:12 PM Posted in Do It Yourself. 9 Reply My friend had nondenominational wedding and hired a Druid for the ceremony. She had her reception at her house and we all were asked I the invitation to bring soil from home. When we got to her house we helped plant a tree and added our

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Making Handfasting Legal. You certainly don’t have to be pagan, Wiccan, or anti-religion to have handfasting as part of your wedding ceremony. Many Christian couples, particularly those of Irish or Scottish descent, include it in their weddings. Some gay couples who reside in states where marriage between same-sex couples is not recognized,…

Decorate a Wedding Trellis
Create a decorative backdrop for saying “I do” by adding an arch to your wedding altar. An arch for an outdoor ceremony or a ceremony someplace other than a church will add pizzazz to a plain altar. Use the ceremony arch to incorporate your wedding theme and colors into the ceremony.
Metal Arches
For couples working within a limited budget, metal ceremony arches are inexpensive options. Use simple metal arches indoors or outdoors; they serve as a blank slate for decorating. Adorn them with greenery, flowers, garlands or lights and add your wedding colors with tulle, ribbons and flowers. Use white lights for an evening wedding.
Wooden Arbors
A wooden arbor is a fitting arch for a garden or outdoor wedding because the structure echoes the natural setting. Wooden arbors are more expensive than metal arches but are investments. Use the arbor in your yard after the wedding; it will be a keepsake of your special day. Keep decorations simple to show off the arbor’s

Wedding Ceremony Decorations – These unique wedding banners customised with your choice of messages and colours, make a truly personalised wedding decoration for your wedding aisle, wedding ceremony and even your new home!

Like many other Pagan and Wiccan practices, handfasting is a blend of modern energies and ancient traditions. Handfasting has its roots in Celtic betrothal practices, where the groom and bride-to-be had a ceremony of intention which involved fastening their hands together.

Celtic, Wiccan & Pagan Wedding Ceremonies | Civil Wedding Ceremonies

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Are you seeking a wedding officiant that will understand your vision & be open to all your ideas & wishes? Your wedding ceremony should reflect exactly what you desire. They will work with you to design a ceremony that perfectly conveys your feelings & vision.
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Celtic, Wiccan & Pagan Wedding Ceremonies. Those who share in a Celtic, Wiccan or Pagan belief, acknowledge and generally pay respect to the beauty of life and powers – the forces or elements of nature. Celtic, Wiccan and Pagan Ceremonies are steeped in tradition – ancient tradition and ritual, dating back thousands of years.

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If you’re searching for some ideas to help give your wedding ceremony that little something extra, enjoy this assortment of ideas culled from our wedding experts!

Wiccan Wedding Ceremony Examples. A Wiccan wedding ceremony is typically an outdoor wedding. Guest may stand inside a circle, with candles representing points in a pentagram. An altar may hold typical Wiccan ritual symbols – or it may not be present at all. Gods, goddesses, or Earth elements may be invoked during the ceremony.